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Virgin Voyages

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sunny 80 °F

Here is the link to my photo album of the cruise aboard Virgin Voyages' Scarlet Lady

Although not for everybody because it is somewhat non-traditional - it is a great way to enjoy a cruise.

Click Scarlet Lady

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Virgin Voyages

Scarlet Lady

sunny 80 °F

This was our second sea day as we made our way to the Bimini Beach Club on Bimini. We spent the day relaxing (again) and did some shopping.

Virgin Voyages is not for everybody - especially if you like structure, more formal activities and to be inundated with information. There is no cruise director and no announcements are made ship wide - sort of refreshing. There is a lot going on, but you have the either use the app or look at the story boards placed near the elevator to find out the schedule. If you are not app friendly, this may not be the right cruise.

In The Galley - the closest thing to the Lido on board, you can browse the stations or simply scan the QR code on your table and order whatever you want from the menu that pops up. The servers will bring you your order in a few minutes. In the other restaurants you also scan the QR code for the menu, but in all the restaurants, they have hard copies if desired.

There is no paper on board. All info is promulgated through your app. All transactions are made with your wrist band. The system worked good...but you have to know how to use it. If you just show up at the main specialty restaurants without a reservation, you may be disappointed. This happened to a foursome last night at the steak house, and one of the group said he preferred the fixed dining time. But not to worry, there are many less formal dining options available (taco, pizza, burger, all day breakfast, bento box, noodle shop) and one of the other specialty restaurants was likely available. They do allow you to reserve each specialty restaurant (no additional charge for specialty restaurants) - Vegetarian, Korean BBQ, Italian, Test Kitchen, Mexican and Steak House, but only once during your cruise. I booked our reservations when they opened up two weeks prior to the cruise.

All non-alcoholic drinks are included and the only extra charge I saw on board for was for specialty coffee in the coffee shops. The booze prices are very reasonable, and their bar selection was probably the best I have seen at sea, and even the very top shelf booze was reasonably priced.

One of the busiest places on board was the Squid Ink Tattoo shop. They have three tattoo artists and a reservation requires a $150 non-refundable deposit.

The crew is very happy. We talked to several servers who have worked multiple contracts with other cruise lines, and they like Virgin the best
because of the pay and the crew amenities on board. You could see it in their faces and attitude.


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Virgin Voyages

Scarlet Lady

sunny 80 °F

Our first day was at sea transiting to Cozumel. The cabins are smaller than other cruise lines, but functional with some nice electronic features. "Transform your room at the touch of a button. Mood-matching lights, a configurable Seabed and in-cabin tech come together to make your life easier. Save the friction for the dance floor.
Wanna get cozy?
Choose a movie on your tablet, cast it to the TV and get high on that canceled plans feeling.
Need some zzz's?
There's a mood for that.
Down to host?
Transform your Seabed, order in mozzarella sticks, or adjust the lighting for an improvised dance-off."


For lunch, I had a ramen bowl from the noodle shop and for dinner we visited the Korean Restaurant Gunbae for a spirited evening of tons of food. It's community eatery and our tablemates were family members from Vancouver and Newfoundland.

We were totally stuffed by the end of the evening, as our server/chef insisted that we sample everything that they offered!


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